My Platform


  • Proactive Community Oriented Policing

  • Proactive law enforcement can reduce street crime through greater community involvement and cooperation between citizens and law enforcement.  Proactive Community Policing can be successful by building relationships with our law enforcement officers.

  • You need to know the names of the officers in your community. 


  • Our communities need to come together to deter our youth from going down the wrong path of crime and incarceration. We need to instill trust and build their confidence in our law enforcement officers to help steer our children in a positive direction. 

  • The Fear of law enforcement needs to stop. 

Expand Law Enforcement Services:

  • For too long the county has fallen behind with a lack of services. My goal is to expand law enforcement services in the whole county, not just the unincorporated areas. As a growing county we need to join the ranks of battling and identifying Human Trafficking.


  • Public Safety needs to be a Top Priority of the Sheriff’s Office. Reactive is too late.  Law Enforcement should be proactive. We all need to make the whole county safe!! #PROACTIVECOMMUNITY. 

  • The Taxpayer deserves a working office.

Working Staff:

  • As your Sheriff I plan to put deputies in place that are representative of the communities they serve. Provide transparency of the operations of the Sheriff’s Office and stop the senseless spending of your tax dollars!!

  • Our law enforcement deputies and administration are underutilized, underserved, and not given ample opportunity to flourish. We need to Raise the Morale of our Law Enforcement Deputies.

  •  As Sheriff, I will work alongside my Deputies. 



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